First make sure system is updated by connecting it to the secure network with internet access and running: yum -y update

Download the packages from (Note: This URL is temporary and will change)

Make sure you reboot into the updated kernel and install the provided packages. The packages are inter-dependant and must be installed in correct order. You can ofcourse just run:rpm -i *.i386.rpm

If (when) rpm complains about the missing packages, they can be installed fromonline Fedora repository via yum:yum -y install <package name>

After installing the package make sure apache is started, run a web browser from theinstalled PC and open the address You will notice the webforms/pages that you insert data in one-by-one and confirm the entered data.

Picture3: Eduroam in a box welcome screen

Every submitted web form configures some of the services, network interfaces, servers, inputs the data into the eduroam config settings, ...

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