Most of the system resides in the /var/eduroam directory. All the paths if not specified otherwise are relative to this directory.

If you want to re-brand the system, it was designed with that in mind. You need to edit the files in ./html.

If you look in the ./system_templates directory you can see the template configuration files. These can be modified to tailor configuration to site or NREN need. Template files are read by the system, the data from Web forms inserted, the configurations are written and services restarted. This process is, because of the nature of CGI scripts, split into two parts, the cgi-bin scripts run by the apache web server are in the ./cgi-bin directory. They store the data into the ./etc directory and then call the suid wrapper ./helpers/eduroam_helper with the name of the 2 nd stage script to run. The script must reside in the ./helpers directory and the allowed script names are hard-wired into the suid eduroam_helper binary.

The scripts in the ./helpers directory read the configuration from ./etc and output the needed services configurations and restart them.

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