Access Points

In this section the access points are added to the management system. The access points need to be correctly configured (check the manual section 2.2), connected to the LAN interfaces of the Eduroam server and be reachable from the server.

When server is used in a Bridged mode the Access Point management interface will probably be in the same subnet as server WAN interface (they are in the same VLAN). For the NAT mode, the Access Points should be in the same subnet as the server Management LAN interface (again, they are in the same VLAN). See manual section 3.1 for more information.

All the data entered is mandatory and after you press the Add or Modify AP button the system will connect to the Access Point and retrieve the list of MACs used on the radio interface. (Note: This might change in the future, however it is planned to evolve this into the AP database and firmware/configuration management tool - XML export of AP database is planned).

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