Configuration of Eduroam AAI

This is the most important part of the Eduroam server. You need to configure the realm name this server is authorite for. The LDAP directory root DN password is user specified but the DN is automatically set as specified by the realm (the number of dn components depends on the realm): cn=root,dn=realm,dn=name,dn=tld .

After the radius information is entered press Apply and the entered information is stored into the Eduroam system configuration. The changes don't take effect until you press Commit changes at the bottom of this section after you configured everything to your liking.

The information from ACL for access to LDAP are used as input for firewall rules to allow incoming connection from trusted servers/workstations. A new ACL line can be added by typing it into the New ACL for access to LDAP field and pressing Add ACL or removed using the Delete ACL.

For testing it's wise to add a Staticly configured user to LDAP directory. This isn't intended to be used as administrative tool for adding users to the directory but only as a way to configure few test users. Similarly the Staticly configured user to RADIUS are used to insert users directly into the Radius server.

After the settings are correctly configured press the Commit changes and the LDAP and Radius configurations are generated, services started and usernames created.

Congratulations! Eduroam system should now be operational ;-).... and since this isn't very likely, don't give up and read the next section....

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