EduRoam deployment issues

Unfortunately setting up EduRoam servers isn't as trivial as it could be. Network administrators who might have been using to manage only simple non-configuring switches need to:

  • Use 802.1q VLANs (for security separation of guest and more sensitive network)
  • Deploy certain ethernet hardening technologies, example:
    • dhcp snooping
    • dynamic arp inspection
    • ...
    • Linux L2/L3 firewall (ebtables, arptables, iptables)
  • Correctly secure and deploy the 802.11a/b/g (Wi-Fi) network
  • Activate 802.1x authentication on wired and wireless network access points
  • Configure the network access eqipment to use Radius authentication
  • Set-up usualy a UNIX server to run essential servers:
    • dhcp
    • MySQL
    • LDAP directory
    • freeradius
    • monitoring / account merging custom server (EduRoam monitor)
    • postfix SMTP mail server
    • script for automated reporting of statistics to the NREN
  • Usually for easier management the following tools are also installed:

Obviously this might be a big step-up for a network engineer if he needs to run all these "new" technologies. In practice ~50% of deployments were done in a "trial and error" way and this way quite some glitches were introduced into the system.

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